Aqueous cleaning concepts

pretreat, degrease, preserve

Mechanical cleaning concepts

remove, compress, finish

Thermal cleaning concepts

paint, coating and insulation removal

WIWOX cleaning concepts

Wiwox cleaning through mechanical process.
Blasting technology: cleaning, structuring, finishing
Wiwox cleaning with aqueous process.
Ultrasonic, washing machines: pore-deep cleaning and degreasing
Wiwox cleaing with thermal pyrolysis.
Pyrolysis-ovens: thermal paint, coating and insulation removal
Wiwox provides the best solution for each customer.
Any kind of optimisation – WIWOX provides the best solution
Wiwox offers equipment and spare parts for any machines and  third party makes.
For all machines – even for other brands
360° equipment
Wiwox cleans tools and parts by ist own cleaning service.
WIWOX machines and concepts provide the safe handling of sensitive parts
Cleaning service

High-end cleaning equipment, blasting abrasives, contract cleaning services: WIWOX is your partner with experience when it comes to the professional cleaning of tools and parts.

The Wiwox laboratory ist he heart of the developement team.

WIWOX Laboratory

This is where we tinker, test and think outside the box. One might say that the heart of the WIWOX development team beats here.

Wiwox spare parts depot for all machines and third party makes.

Spare parts depot

WIWOX has a storage of spare parts for new and older machines as well as third-party makes.

Wiwox blastin media storage for all kins of blasting media.

Blasting media storage

Cleaning concepts for
tools, parts and technical surfaces

Wiwox cleaning agents for aqueous cleaning.

Cleaning agents

Alkaline, acid, neutral, paint-stripper and corrosion protection


Cleaning service

Our customers count on our job-order cleaning team for their daily cleaning needs – mechanical, aqueous and thermal: our own systems and processes guarantee safe treatment of important work pieces. Detailed consulting and the documented cleaning of samples guarantee consistent results over a long period of time.


Every production line can operate economically for many years with the right service. We offer qualified repair and maintenance service, also for older machines and third-party makes. Guaranteed delivery of replacement parts from stock is a matter of course for us.

Our service technicians with fully equipped vehicles quickly assist you anywhere. The proper training of our personnel is important to us. Experienced mechanics, metalworkers and electronics specialists provide you with all the support you need to ensure the proper functioning of the delivered systems.


Wiwox tailos the system to the customer’s requirements.


New thinking to meet new industrial challenges: the specialist at WIWOX like to think outside the box in the development of new processes.

Wiwox quality management is ISO:9001 certified.

ISO certification

Continuous improvement: quality management at WIWOX is ISO 9001 certified.

Wiwox places great emphasis on working with the leading international manufacturers.


Partner companies in mechanical engineering and plant construction around the world ensure ultimate delivery flexibility with an optimal price-performance profile.

Sandfighter, Blast’n’Blow and PeenPearl stand for reasonably priced quality.

WIWOX Brands

From blasting gloves through blasting media and cleaning agents to user-friendliness, WIWOX guarantees quality and efficiency.

Quality and experience runs like a golden thread through the daily WIWOX business. It winds through all departments: Whether it concerns the advanced training of employees, the design of new cleaning methods or the selection and origin of raw materials, this golden thread guarantees consistent quality to all WIWOX customers right from the start. WIWOX has 30 years of deep-seated experience in every aspect. And experience is the basis of our inventiveness: If a customer needs a cleaning procedure that does not exist yet, the experts at WIWOX simply invent it. Another plus is being able to count on the cooperation with the world's best plant producers.

WIWOX Blasting media

metallic, organic, mineral

We have 500 tons of blasting media for cleaning, finishing and shot-peening in all the common sizes available. Further grain sizes and specifications are available on request.